Friday, January 17, 2014

Systems Biologist

Millennium Software Productions India Private Limited (MSPI), Chennai is the primary research and development division for CytoSolve, Inc. that is based in Cambridge, USA. Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai, who is popular for inventing the world's first email system, founded CytoSolve in 2011. CytoSolve is a platform for in-silico quantitative modeling of complex molecular pathways, which accelerates drug development by aiding the discovery of multi-combination therapeutics for both prevention and cure of major diseases.
We are currently looking for suitable candidates for the position of Systems Biologist to join the CytoSolve team at MSPI in Chennai.
Job Profile
The role of a Systems Biologist is to design quantitative models of bio-molecular networks. The job involves performing comprehensive studies of key interactions between pathways, enzymes and metabolites from a systems biology perspective.
The goal is to develop an in-silico model of disease networks and subsequently design novel combinatorial therapeutics.
Qualification Bachelors/Masters in Biotechnology or Bioinformatics, with a consistently outstanding academic record
Key Requirements 1. Basic knowledge on cell signaling pathways, chemical/enzyme kinetics, and differential equation based modeling approach
2. Fluent speaking and good writing skills in English
3. Prior laboratory experience could be an advantage Recruitment Process
Candidates must clear each of the following rounds to be considered for the position of Systems Biologist:
1. First round – Written test on the basics of chemical kinetics and bioinformatics
2. Second round – Practical exercise using modeling software
3. Third & Fourth round - Personal Interviews
Interested candidates may email their resumes with the subject line "Application for Systems Biologist - HB2014" to
Last Date: 31 January 2014
Note: Candidates who have already applied for positions with us in the last two years will not be considered again.
For any additional information, contact:
K. Santhiya,
Millennium Software Productions India Private Ltd.,
No.1, Kuppusamy Street, T-Nagar,
Chennai – 600017.
Phone: 044-42946555

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