Sunday, January 6, 2013


School of Computational and Integrative Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110 067
Project Recruitment Notice
The following posts are urgently required to be filled for the project entitled "Computational Core for Plant Metabolomics" funded by Department of Biotechnology (Project I.D. 1094).
01. Research Associate ( I )
Phd in Bioinformatics / computational biology /Chemical Informatics/Physical Chemistry OR
Submitted thesis in computational Biology/ Bioinformatics with
Extensive experience & knowledge on Oracle, Data integration& Java/python.
Data Designing & Integration.Individual is responsible to develop the method, testing and refining programs on Chemoinformatics & Integration in the LIMS.
22000 + 30%
Experience in theoretical Chemistry computational Biology, Chemical Structure mapping OR
Data integration related to chemo-informatics
02 Research Associate (II)
PhD in Computational Biology and Associated field.
Spectral analysis, Metabolomics & System Biology, Chemical Structure mapping
23000 + 30%
Metabolomics/ Bioinformatics/Computation biology &experience in programming
03 Senior Research Fellow
MSc (Computational Biology/ Bioinformatics) with at least 2-3 years research experience and a paper published in the same field. Must have knowledge in programming , integrated databases and website development experience.
Proteomics and Chemical design
Data Integration, Must work for 2 years as JRF in the said filed – proven by paper
04 Junior Research Fellow
MSc (Computational Biology/Bioinformatics)/MCA in computer science and Application Website & development of portal
Experience in Oracle programming and Data Base integration
05 Junior Research Fellow
MSc (Computational Biology / Bioinformatics)/MCA in Computer science & application
Server maintenance and website development
Experience in Oracles, programming and Data Base integration
All the above posts are ONLY temporary and liable to be terminated at any time without prior notice or ceased/withdrawn by the funding agency.
JRF will not be permitted to register for PhD with any Institution/University during the first 1 YEAR of the job.
Interested candidates may apply on plain paper or via email along with CV. Selected list of candidates will be informed by email and requested to attend the Interview later. A brief text of the specialization work done in last one year and reference of the earlier Employer/Faculty/ Teacher may be forwarded to the following address and MUST REACH ON OR BEFORE January 20th 2013.
Address : Prof Indira Ghosh, Project Investigator, Project Code No 1094, School of Computational and Integrative Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 110 067. email :

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