Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) - Scientist

Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH)
(Council of Scientific & Industrial Research)
Sector 39- A, Chandigarh 160036


The Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) is a constituent R&D establishment of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Applications for scientific positions are invited by the institute, which is engaged in research in many different areas of modern biological sciences and microbe-related biotechnology, with special emphasis on research and development of an interdisciplinary nature, as exemplified by the broad areas, below –
• Protein Science & Engineering
• Infectious Diseases
• Bioinformatics & Molecular Modelling
• Molecular Biology & genetics, including metagenomics
• Immunology and Cell biology especially electrom microscopy
• Veterinary Science with special emphasis on small animal breeding and maintenance
• Biochemical Engg. & Fermentation Science, including metabolic and pathway engineering in microbes
• Biosensors & Nanotechnology for Diagnostics & Therapeutics
• Instrumentation Support Scientists/Engineers
to fill up 14 available positions of Scientists, at the under-mentioned levels:

Post No.1 – Scientist-F Gr. IV(5) - (02 Posts - Unreserved)
Pay Band: Rs.37400-67000 + Grade Pay: Rs.8900 (TE: Rs.80,000/- p.m. approx.)
Age: Not exceeding 50 years as on 31.01.2010.
Essential Qualification: PhD with 10-years postdoctoral experience OR 1st Class M.Tech with 11-years experience OR 1st Class M.Sc with 13-years research experience.
Post No.2 – Scientist-E.II Gr. IV(4) - (02 Posts - Unreserved)
Pay Band: Rs.37400-67000 + Grade Pay: Rs.8700 (TE: Rs 72,000/- p.m. approx.)
Age : Not exceeding 45 years as on 31.01.2010
Essential Qualification: PhD with 7-years postdoctoral experience OR 1st Class M.Tech with 8-years experience OR 1st Class M.Sc with 10-years research experience.
Post No.3 – Scientist-EI Gr. IV(3) - (06 Posts - Unreserved)
Pay Band: Rs.15600-39100 + Grade Pay Rs.7600 (TE: Rs 50,000/- p.m. approx.)
Age : Not exceeding 40 years as on 31.01.2010
Essential Qualification: PhD with 4-years postdoctoral experience; OR M.Tech. with 5-years experience; OR 1st Class M.Sc. with 7-years research experience.
Post No.4 – Scientist-C Gr. IV(2) - (02 Posts – Unreserved)
Pay Band :Rs.15600 -39100 + Grade Pay Rs.6600 (TE: Rs.40,000/- p.m. approx.)
Age : Not exceeding 35 Years as on 31.01.2010
Essential Qualification: PhD with 1–year postdoctoral experience; OR M. Tech with 2-years experience; OR 1st Class M. Sc with 3-years research experience.
Post No.5 – Scientist-B Gr. IV(1) - (02 Posts – 01 post Unreserved)
Pay Band: Rs.15600-39100 + Grade Pay Rs.5400 01 post reserved for OBC) (TE: Rs.33,000/- p.m. approx.)
Age : Not exceeding 35 years as on 31.01.2010
Essential Qualification: Ist class M.Sc/B.E/B.Tech. OR equivalent qualifications; OR M.Tech.; OR Ph.D.
Areas of Work in Research and Development: Apply if you are working in any frontline area of modern Biology e.g., Structural Biology, Infectious Diseases & Immunity, Microbial Genetics and Physiology, Synthetic and Systems Biology, Microbial Diversity and biotransformations. Some of the specializations in which we are seeking applications include: Biology and physiology of extremophiles, fundamental immune mechanisms, structure-function relationships of proteins and enzymes, Biology of pathogenic Micro organisms, Bacterial and fungal genetics/epigenetics/genomics, molecular parasitology, structural and systems biology, synthetic biology, Design & modeling of metabolic Pathways and their in vivo engineering, Evolutionary and population biology of microbes, and all upcoming areas of mammalian and microbial fermentations, nanotechnology in Microbiology, environmental biotechnology, modern electron microscopy, mass spectrometry and NMR of proteins /peptides, modern approaches in bio-organic chemistry including biotransformations, etc.

Job description

{for Posts No. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 viz. Scientist-F Gr.IV(5) to Scientist-C Gr.IV(2)}:
These are scientific positions for independent investigators requiring the capacity to generate new and exciting ideas and/or technical approaches and take them to fruition. Participation in team-work and ability to interact with research groups in other related areas is also highly desirable.

{for Post No. 5 & 7 viz. Scientist-B Gr.IV(1)}:

Scientists in this category would be expected to work as part of a group.

Desirable (for all positions) : It is desired that applicants have a demonstrated record of scientific accomplishment in the form of either

(i) peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals of high international standing, and/or
(ii) internationally valid patents, in addition to indications of independence in scientific conceptualization and implementation.

Candidates should submit letters of commendation from at least three, but preferably five, professional referees addressed directly to the Director, IMTECH under sealed cover/E-mail.

Essential (for all positions) :- Candidates must specify the level/post for which they wish to be considered, keeping in mind that they need to fulfill the essential qualifications detailed above for any post that they are applying for. Candidates may be considered simultaneously at multiple levels; however, separate applications must be made for each level/post. Irrespective of this, the Institute also reserves the right to consider an
application based on its merit in a higher or lower level/ post, based on the recommendations of the Screening Committee.

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