Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Xcelris Labs Ltd.
Old Premchand Nagar Road,
Satyagrah Chhavani, Satellite,
Ahmedabad 380015

Opportunities @ Xcelris Genomics Center:

Welcome to the World of Genomics. Xcelris Genomics Center offers challenging and exciting opportunities for experienced professionals and recent postgraduates in area of Genomics. We look for young energetic people who are inspired by next-gen technologies, performance oriented environment and entrepreneurial spirit of the company culture. We know that employees are critical to our success in bringing next generation genomics solutions, we are dedicated to remain a great place to work and to provide benefits that allow employee's to bring the best to business and to their personal lives. Currently we have openings for the following positions. You are requested to apply for jobs that match your professional interests.
1. Scientist in Plant Molecular Biology:
The candidates should have PhD degree in Plant Molecualr Biology from reputed institute/university, and acquired skills in basic molecular biology techniques like, gDNA, Total RNA, mRNA, microRNA isolation from various plant tissues, qualification and quantification. Experience in Plant Molecular marker discovery, STR/Microsatellite, plant gene expression using realtime PCR, and knowledge of the inbreed line characterization using molecular and functional genomics techniques. Candidates should also have hands-on experience construction of the fosmid/BAC library from plant tissue, screening of library, development of molecular Marker data, construction of genetic map, and QTL mapping etc with classical statistic methods used for analyzing Plant Genomic Data.
2. Scientist in Genome Sequencing:
The candidates should have PhD in Molecular biology from reputed institute/university,and have acquired skills in basic molecular biology, gDNA, Total RNA, mRNA, microRNA using latest technologies. The exposure to the next generation genome sequencer and hands-on the workflow is essential.
3. Scientist in Bioinformatics:
The candidates should have PhD degree in Bioinformatics from reputed institute/university, and excellent knowledge in bioinformatics tools to efficiently and effectively handle and interpret the genomic data generated using Next-Gen Genomics System to accelerate the knowledge discovery process. (Examples include technology platforms, computational resources and Genomics tools for integrative and comparative research). Command in Linux, JAVA and other computer language like PERL and PYTHON etc to improve the algorithm to existing tools is also required. Hands-on Experience in Development of bioinformatics tools is essential for functional genomics, annotation and comparative genomics using next generation technologies data. Data base maintenance and integration of various databases. First hand experience in programs that integrate and analyze genome sequence with biological function and phenotypic information for a single species or across multiple species.
4. Research Associate in Bioinformatics:
The candidates should have MSC/Mtech degree in Bioinformatics and 1-2 years of experience with handing the Next generation Genome data analysis using various bioinformatic tools for genome annotation, mapping, pathway simulation etc. Candidates should have command in computer programs like Linux, JAVA and other computer language like PERL and PYTHON etc. Candidates should also have the hands-on on data-base integration, update and customization tools.

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